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First he filled out a standard autobiographical questionnaire. Under race he wrote, “human.” Under color, “seasonal- oyster white to beige.” After he filled out the form, Marlon entered a cubicle to be interviewed by an army physician. The doctor asked him if he knew any reason he should not enter the armed services. Replied Marlon: “Yes. I’m psychoneurotic.”
- Somebody by Stefan Kanfer. (When Marlon found out his 4-F status for the army was bumped to 1-A and he could be drafted.)
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●Marlon Brando at the Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, California, Circa 1955.

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  • Marlon Brando C.1950’s.
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Marlon Brando preparing himself for dancing in Guys and Dolls, 1955.

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Marlon Brando with Merv Griffin on ‘The Merv Griffin Show’ (1968).

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Marlon Brando and Irwin Shaw photographed in Paris discussing The Young Lions, 1957.

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Marlon Brando and Mary Murphy in The Wild One (1953).

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Marlon Brando, c. 1952.

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